Fabric Selections

Picking the right fabric is really important when you’re designing clothing. As a custom fabric manufacturer, we have different options available for you. While 100% Cotton and 100% Polyester are common, there are many other options too. At FGS Enterprises, you can explore different fabrics for your custom-designed clothing. We offer a wide range of choices, and we’re all about giving you plenty of customization options for your clothing line.

We have many kinds of fabrics for men’s and women’s clothing, as well as materials for sports gear.

jersey fabric custom clothing manufacturer

Jersey Fabric

We have various jersey materials, often used for casual wear. We provide Single jersey, Interlock jersey, double jersey, and jacquard jersey materials. These can be used for creating t-shirts, women's tops, shorts, and other laid-back clothes.You have options like 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, or a mix of 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester. If you order a lot, we can even make personalized jersey fabrics.We cares about your satisfaction. So, it's crucial to chat with our experienced custom clothing experts about the fabric blends that suit your garment's needs.

fleece fabric

Cotton Fleece Fabric

As a custom clothing manufacturer, we offer a wide variety of fleece fabrics.Fleece is a thick material used for making sweatshirt hoodies and sweaters. We have different options with various thickness levels, measured in grams per square meter. You can choose from our standard fabric options or customize the thickness if you're ordering a lot.Fleece is commonly used for warm clothing in cold places. People often prefer thicker fabric for extra warmth. If you don't want it to be too heavy, you can also consider using French Terry fabric.

sports fabric

Sports Fabric

We have different fabrics for sports clothing. You can pick the one that's best for your sports gear. As a leading clothing manufacturer, we knows that sports clothing is becoming more popular. We offer fabrics like Nylon Spandex, Polyester Spandex, and Cotton Spandex for making things like basketball jerseys, yoga pants, tight leggings, and fitted t-shirts. If our options don't fit your needs, we can make a custom fabric for you.

premium fabrics

Premium Fabrics

We offer top-notch fabrics to make your designed clothes look even more better. You can enhance your clothing brand with premium materials like leather, silk, wool or others. This gives you more ways to make your designs unique.We believe that creativity has no limits, and restrictions can stifle it. That's why we provide options like artificial or real leather and other premium fabrics to add to your clothing. You can also choose professional shirt materials like 100% woven cotton or satin to create special garments. These fabrics can be used for things like adding sleeves, patches, or anything your imagination can come up with.

hosiery fabrics

Hosiery Fabrics

Hosiery fabrics are often used for leggings, tights, or underwear. They are usually stretchy, but you can use them for lightweight, stretchy t-shirts or other things too. You have lots of options for customization. When you want hosiery items, you don't have to stick only to hosiery fabrics. You can even mix different fabrics to create a garment.

Twill fabrics

Twill Fabrics

Twill fabrics are commonly used for workwear, hats, and coats. Twill is good for any season because it allows air to pass through, making it comfortable to wear. It's also resistant to air and water, and it hides stains well, which makes it great for outdoor clothing. Twill is even used for sublimated pants. and when you print a digital design on them, they look fantastic.

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