Custom Clothing Printing Options for your Brand

FGS Enterprises has wide range of custom clothing printing options for your clothing brand. With over 6 years of experience, we’ve mastered various printing techniques to put your designs on fabric.

We can handle all your brand personalization and customization needs. Sometimes, placing your logo on the sleeve’s edge can go wrong if not done correctly.

We’re experts in working with simple, creative, and complex design ideas. We specialize in adding unique logos, styles, and patterns to your hoodie pockets, making your brand stand out.

We use the best custom screen-printing standards, change inks regularly, use advanced machines, and package your order wisely. 

We offers various printing options, including silk screen printing, all-over sublimation printing, heat transfer printing, digital printing, DTF, Puff Printing and direct-to-garment printing.

screen printing 1

Screen printing

Screen printing is one of highly popular custom clothing printing method. This method involves transferring ink onto fabric through a stencil, creating vibrant and durable designs.Life of screen printing is more than heat transfers and digital prints. As a clothing manufacturer company, we can suggest specific printing method according to your design.

Puff printing services

Puff Printing

In puff screen printing, special puffy inks are used. This method is well-liked and is often used to make t-shirts, sweatshirts, or jackets look vintage. Sometimes, it's used to make one part of a picture stand out or to highlight a specific design a bigger one.To do puff printing, we use special puffy ink on screens. We put enough ink on, and then they apply heat to make it puff up the way.

sublimation printing


Dye sublimation is a type of printing that's part of the DTG family. It uses heat to put the design from a digital file onto fabric. This method is often used for all over design on clothes.Dye sublimation is great for handling detailed and creative designs with lots of colors. It uses special ink to move the design onto the fabric. Designs made with dye sublimation don't fade or get cracks in them.

sticker heat transfer printing

Sticker Heat Transfer

Sticker heat transfer printing is a flexible way of putting a design on fabric. It starts with printing an image on a sticker and then sticking that sticker onto the material.Fashion folks often use this method for tagless labels. Heat helps move the design from the sticker deep into the fabric or product. This makes the design stay put for a long time and not come off easily.

digital printing

Digital Printing

This method is mostly used to print real life images with many colors in clothes. This is a great choice for small orders. Digital printing is pretty better compared to heat transfer printing. It looks like a sticker stuck on the clothes but lasts longer.

DTG Printing

DTG (Direct To Garments)

One of the simplest and best way of custom clothing printing designs is DTG. but it is often 3x expensive than other options.As a clothing manufacturer, we are offering DTG printing that can really boost your clothing brand. This is best for cmplex and real life images designs.

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