Custom Packaging Options for your Clothing Brand

FGS Enterprises knows that how you present your clothing in a packaging is important. We offer a wide range of custom clothing packaging choices for our customers. Many people are now leaning towards eco-friendly packaging like biodegradable bags, and we care about nature too. So, we provide not just polybags but also options to make your packaging more environmentally friendly with biodegradable bags.

As a custom clothing manufacturer,  we offer trending packaging choices to clothing startups and existing brands. We provides polybags in various weights, twill bags, cloth bags, biodegradable bags, and paper bags for those who want top-notch presentation. You can even print your unique designs on these packages to show how special and high-class your brand is.

product packaging

Paper Packaging

This is most commonly used for new brands as this is cost effective. We do not charge any extra amount for this kind of packaging. We do use paper packaging by default if you do not have custom requirements.

custom poly packaging by clothing manufacturers

Poly Bags

If you're bored with the plain paiper packaging from your courier company, give our options a try. We provide custom poly-mailer printing, so when you send out your clothes, you can use your own poly-mailer with better quality. This not only ensures your products are safely packed but also helps market your brand name. This is the best option for those clothing brands who want custom clothing packaging.

custom fabric bags by clothing manufacturers

Fabric Bags

Fabric bags are a rising trend,. They can add a touch of luxury to your brand. They let your customers feel the fabric quality even before they open the product. and they make your garment's presentation stand out. It's a way to make your brand feel more premium.

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